Heading to Bismarck for a #NDLegendary Experience!

It’s hard to believe that almost nine months have passed since my last post here at Lost on the Prairie. An entire winter has come and gone – well, that’s not entirely true. Theoretically it has, but our current weather needs a hearty push (or a swift kick) to qualify as spring.

What an amazing adventure our little family had exploring North Dakota last summer. We spent all but two weekends traveling to a new and different place in our beautiful home state, and our travels provided so many great memories to help sustain us through the long winter. We canvassed a great deal of the state, but there are still more adventures to enjoy together. Some of our very best experiences last summer came from the recommendations of our readers, so if you have any suggestions for us, please let us know.

Due to work and school obligations, our ability to travel in the winter months was extremely limited and we’ve hardly gone farther than West Fargo since my last post in September. Life has been hectic, but good, and always full of surprises. As of last November, Tony and I are now writing a weekly food column for The Forum called “Home with The Lost Italian,” and we really enjoy this new creative endeavor.

Now, with school out and summer on the horizon, we look forward to more North Dakota exploration over the next three to four months, and can’t wait to hit those gravel roads again.  We made so many wonderful connections with people all around this great state, and are eager to continue making new friends.

We’ll also be seeking out new adventures right here in our own backyard, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted. I’m leaving for Bismarck today to attend a workshop for North Dakota Writers and Bloggers, and I am really excited to meet fellow writers and share in their enthusiasm for this legendary state.

I had great success using Twitter for our summer travel campaign last summer, and will be tweeting from the event under the hashtag #NDLegendary. The event begins with a dining tour around Bismarck with North Dakota’s very own Marilyn Hagerty, and I can’t wait for the fun to begin.

It’s supposed to be sunny today, but I’ll believe it when I see it. When it comes to the weather, lately I’ve resorted to the typical North Dakota response: “At least it isn’t snowing.”  Let’s just hope I haven’t spoken too soon (after all my years sailing the high seas, you’d think I’d know better than to talk about the weather). Have a great weekend and we’ll see you here on the blog and hopefully around North Dakota!