We’re about to get Lost on the Prairie!

Hello and Welcome to our family’s blog, “Lost on the Prairie!” We are Tony, Sarah and Giovanni Nasello, and we live in Fargo, ND. This summer we plan to explore our home state and “Discover the Spirit” of North Dakota. Our goal is to canvass as much of ND in one season as we possibly can, and find new friends, foods and adventures along the way. We hope that you will follow our journey through our blog, and we would LOVE to hear from you if you have any travel suggestions!

I’d hoped to find time this weekend to write a complete introduction to our family project, but we had too much fun entertaining some visiting family members. And now we’re off in just a few minutes to head to Valley City and explore the Sheyenne River Valley – only one hour away from Fargo and we have never been there! We’ll keep you updated from the road and let you know what we find along the way!

Ciao for now!